My quest for photo-realism has spanned a twenty five year period. At times a challenging journey but always an enjoyable one. All artwork featured on this site was created using COREL PAINTER IX, TERRAGEN, APOPHYSIS, JWILDFIRE and ADOBE CS5.

Painter IX is an industry standard Raster-based digital art application that once fell under the MetaCreations stable. It simulates the appearance of media associated with drawing or painting in real time. In short, it's tantamount to having a piece of paper and a pencil. I prefer its use to that of Vector; which employs geometric primitives - points, lines, curves, shapes or polygons. The only drawback is that unlike Vector, Raster cannot scale up without loss of quality so it's a case of setting the final size at the outset.
Terrain and sky is adapted via the use of Terragen.

Each painting usually takes up to two months to complete as they are hand drawn and engineered across a series of layers which can total between 250-300 at the end and all are set to print to A2 in size (16.5 x 23.4 inches), (594 x 420 mm).

The Aircraft Collection
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